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Amish object to new traffic law

MAYFIELD, Ky. -- Jacob Gingerich sees putting an orange safety triangle on his black horse-drawn buggy as a violation of the simple and pious life of his Amish faith.

He and other Amish men in rural Graves County have become scofflaws for not using the reflective signs, ignoring state law, disobeying orders from a judge and even going to jail for not paying fines.

To Gingerich and others in the conservative Amish community known as Swartzentruber, using the bright reflective symbol amounts to blasphemy. They consider it garish and believe they should rely on God, not symbols, for protection on the highway.

He and seven other Amish men were sent to jail in September for a few days for refusing to pay fines related to vehicle sign violations. At least two other Kentucky counties, Grayson and Logan, have recently summoned men into court for driving unmarked buggies.

A court date Thursday could land more in jail. -- AP

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