Heading back to school is a touchy subject. None more so than for 4-year-old Andrew Macis, who began to cry when a Los Angeles TV reporter asked him about it.

KTLA reporter Courtney Friel was at City Terrace Elementary School in Los Angeles on Tuesday asking students how they felt about summer vacation officially ending.

"Are you excited for pre-kindergarten?" she asked him with enthusiasm as the school bus pulled up behind them. The boy replied with an eager "Yes!"

Some of the children interviewed were thrilled. Most hid behind their parents. But one specific question hit home for Andrew.

"Are you going to miss your mom?" Friel asked him. Andrew said no, but then burst into tears moments later.

KTLA says he then stepped away from the camera and was consoled with a hug by his mom.

"This breaks my heart and now I'm anxious about sending my kids to school," Friel wrote on her Instagram clip of the story. "He was trying to be so brave!"

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It all ended well for Andrew, as minutes later he held his head high and walked into the classroom for his first day of school.