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Army Rangers release Memorial Day song from deployment in Afghanistan

Army Rangers Andrew Yacovone and Justin Wright release Memorial Day song from Afghanistan

A country duo released a new song dedicated to military families of fallen servicemen — while on deployment in Afghanistan.

First Lt. Andrew Yacovone of Tallahassee, Fla. and First Lt. Justin Wright of Hollister, Calif. became fast friends on their first day of infantry basic training for officers in 2014.

"I called out the crowd and asked if anyone played guitar," Yacovone told ABC News. "Lo and behold, Justin was standing right next to me and he was like, 'Heck yeah, I play guitar!'"

They jammed together all night, and shortly after began writing and recording country music together, uploading their first hit, "Hometown Hero," onto YouTube from Afghanistan and producing a full-length EP.

Interstate 10, as the duo is now known, released a music video titled "I'm Gonna Miss You," a song that took on new meaning after losing soldiers during their first deployment.

"Memorial Day is about remembering the ones we lost and supporting their loved ones," the duo said on YouTube. "It's about celebrating the lives they lived. Thanking them for allowing us the opportunity to come home safe, and most of all thanking them for a second chance to hug our loved ones."

They finished the touching tribute while being stationed 40 miles apart at different bases during their second deployment.

"We're like, 'Dang it, we aren't going to be together for this deployment,'" Yacovone told ABC News. "But we have Skype and ways to connect."

The video features footage from Afghanistan, as well as soldiers holding photos of their friends and family.

"If you could see what was behind the camera, it was interesting," Yacovone told ABC News. "Taped things over here, headlamps sitting around bunkers to light the scene using our flashlights. Just to make it all right."

The music video for "I'm Gonna Miss You" currently has 65,000 views on their YouTube page. If the video reaches 100,000 views before Memorial Day, Yacovone and Wright have pledged to donate money to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

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