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Avery catches a huge bass with her Barbie fishing rod

Watch Avery catch a huge bass with her Barbie fishing rod

Young girl, Avery, catches a huge bass on her Barbie fishing rod.

Barbie has been trying to show girls across the world that they can do anything since 1959, but it took one spirited little girl less than three minutes to prove it to the Internet.

With only her Barbie fishing rod in hand, Avery was able to catch a huge bass and reel it in all by herself -- almost.

Avery's dad caught the whole thing on camera and uploaded a video of his daughter's success to YouTube last Wednesday.

Her father, who started recording Avery when he noticed her struggling with the line, encourages her to keep on reeling it in and hold on tight.

"You got it," he says in the video. "You keep on reeling!"

Avery finally brings in her big catch, which her dad tells her is about 20 inches.

The adorable little girl giggles and yells out with excitement when she finally realizes there's actually a real fish on the other end of her tiny Barbie fishing rod.

"Yes, I got one! Finally!" she squeals.

As of Saturday, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times. 

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