Two babies, both alike in dignity, in fair South Carolina, where we lay our scene, were born 18 hours apart, delivered by the same doctor and placed in hospital nursery cribs right next to each other — and their names are Romeo and Juliet. 

Romeo Hernandez and Juliet Shifflett were born at Coastal Carolina Hospital to two families who had never met. Photographer Cassie Clayshulte, the hospital's official newborn photographer, pointed out the coincidence to the families, and snapped a photo that has gone viral on social media. 

Both families said they picked the names well in advance of their children's births.

"It's funny because we didn't even name him Romeo after Shakespeare," Morgan Hernandez, Romeo's mom, told ABC News. "We named him after a singer named Romeo Santos that my husband and I both love."

"We picked Juliet because we were watching the TV show 'Psych' and the character's name is Jules," Christiana Shifflett told ABC News.

Photographer Cassie Clayshulte put together a Shakespeare-inspired photoshoot for Romeo Hernandez and Juliet Shifflett, who were born hours apart and placed in nursery cribs right next to each other at a South Carolina hospital. Photo Credit: Cassie Clayshulte Photography

Clayshulte's photo of the newborns was posted on Facebook and has been shared over 1,500 times and counting. 

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Clayshulte later put together a Shakespeare-inspired photo shoot for the star-crossed babies, making some of the props and baby rompers herself

"I wasn’t sure how to do a newborn Romeo and Juliet shoot without it looking a little bit morbid because of the way the story ends," Clayshulte told Scary Mommy. "I just tried to put colors and textures together that gave us a Shakespearean feel."

The Shifflett and Hernandez families told The Daily Mail they are planning a joint first birthday party for the pair. These adorable delights have become adorable friends.