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Bald eagle protects nest covered in snow

A bald eagle watches over its snow-covered nest

A bald eagle watches over its snow-covered nest in Hanover, Pennsylvania on Thursday, March 5, 2015, as a camera broadcasts the bird's behavior in a live stream provided by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Photo Credit: Pennsylvania Game Commission

Now, this is love.

A bald eagle in Hanover, Pennsylvania captured the Internet's attention Thursday as it continued to protect its offspring throughout a snowstorm.

Heavy snow was falling in York County, and the bird was barely visible in an image that the Pennsylvania Game Commission posted to Facebook Thursday afternoon that had been taken from a live stream.

But the bird was there, in a snow-covered nest, doing its best to provide warmth to the two eggs inside. Hours later, the snowfall had stopped, but the eagle was still there.

The commission saw this as a teachable moment, sharing the following information with its Facebook fans:

"How do nesting bald eagles manage cold weather?"

"- Eat a lot of food to provide energy (heat)
"- Fluff feather for insulation."

It also explained that breeding eagles develop a "brood patch," a featherless area on their abdomens with many blood vessels. This allows the adults to easily transfer heat from themselves to the eggs.

To watch out the live stream of the growing bald eagle family, click here.

(Mobile users: Access the stream via the link above.)

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