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Barack Obama's tan suit distracts Twitter

President Barack Obama speaks at the White House

President Barack Obama speaks at the White House Aug. 28, 2014, on various topics including possible action against the Islamic State and immigration reform. Credit: Getty Images / Alex Wong

President Barack Obama spoke at the White House Thursday afternoon to address military conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine.

But most people, at least on Twitter, didn’t focus on what the president said. They were concerned with one minor detail: His suit. 

The president’s rarely worn tan suit stole the show, generating thousands of mentions on Twitter.

“Obama's getting one more summer suit in before Labor Day,” @nowthisnews tweeted.

Within the past 24 hours, there have been 13,863 tweets about Obama’s suit, according to Topsy, a social media analytics firm.

In fact, multiple spoof accounts have already been created, including @BarackTanSuit, @ObamaTanSuit and @Obamas_Tan_Suit.

“The Audacity of Taupe,” Director of programming at Mic Jared Keller tweeted. 

At least the president got one stamp of approval from a U.S. congressman.

“I see no problem with the suit,” John Dingell (D-Mich.) tweeted, along with a photo of himself in a similar tan suit.

Despite the congressman’s approval, Obama may find the distraction unwelcome and never wear tan again.

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