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Belt buckle saves Pa. man from stray bullet

PHILADELPHIA -- A grocery store employee said yesterday that he is thanking God -- and his belt buckle -- for saving him from a stray bullet that smashed through the market's front door.

The bullet lodged in the metal buckle worn by Bienvenido Reynoso, who had started his job at 8 Brothers Supermarket only recently.

"It saved my life," Reynoso said Thursday. "I keep it for [my] whole life now."

Reynoso, 38, said he was about to wheel a hand truck out of the market in the city's Grays Ferry section when he heard gunshots around 4 p.m. Wednesday. He hit the floor.

Surveillance footage shows a man on a bike firing a gun. One person was hit in the abdomen and was hospitalized in critical condition, police said.

"When I check my body, I don't see nothing, no blood, nothing," Reynoso recalled. "And I said, I'm going to be OK."

Then someone noticed a hole at the bottom of his shirt. That's when he found the bullet stuck to his belt buckle.

Police took the bullet and the shirt as evidence. Reynoso got to keep the belt, which he said he got in New York three years ago.

Christian Vinas, 21, was working behind the counter and also dived to the ground when the shooting began. Reynoso had perfect timing in dropping to the floor, he said.

"That has to be God," Vinas said. "Out of all the places you could get hit in the body, you get hit right there. It was truly amazing."

A 24-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. -- AP

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