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High school quarterback takes friend with Down syndrome to prom

Ben Moser, a high school quarterback from Pennsylvania,

Ben Moser, a high school quarterback from Pennsylvania, and his friend Mary Lapkowicz before their prom. Credit: Facebook / Tom Lapkowicz

While most teenagers worry about finding a date for the prom, Ben Moser, a high school quarterback from Pennsylvania, always knew who he would spend the evening with.

When he was in fourth grade he told his mother that he would bring his friend Mary Lapkowicz, who has Down syndrome, to their high school prom. His decision wasn't surprising to their parents, friends and even teachers who knew the pair was inseparable throughout elementary school.

"He watched over her constantly," their fourth-grade teacher Tracey Spogli told the Patriot-News of Central Pennsylvania. "If she was looking like she wasn't having fun, he would go over and talk to her. He would pull her in to whatever activity they were doing. He just always watched out for her."

In sixth grade, Mary moved to a different school district, but the two still had interests in common. When Mary entered high school, she became the equipment manager for her school's football team, which her dad coaches, the Patriot-News reported. Ben became his school's quarterback.

Last year, when Mary's school football team played against Ben's, the pair reunited and were reminded of their childhood promise.

"We got balloons and I wrote 'prom' on it," Ben said. "I presented her with the balloons and asked her to go to prom with me."

Although it was made years ago, "he made good on that promise and in the process put a smile on Mary's face and restored my faith in humanity," Mary's brother, Tom Lapkowicz, wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of the couple before prom.

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