Hillary Rodham Clinton for president? How about her hubby for first lady?
A new video featuring a life-size bobblehead Bill Clinton in a red dress makes the case for him to become the nation’s first spouse.
“Put Hillary in the White House. I am homesick,” a caricature of the former president’s voice says in the video produced by the website BillForFirstLady2016.com.
In the 1-minute, 15-second video, bobblehead Bill travels the country — from Washington to Times Square to Ohio State University — to build support for both causes. Fans yell “Run Hillary run!” while they and he hold signs for his first lady campaign. At South Beach in Florida, he wears a patriotic bikini.
The campaign comes from young Americans who support Hillary Rodham Clinton and her likely bid to make “herstory” with a White House win, the website explains. The site is run by Luke Montgomery, a viral video director, with the clip paid for by the BillForFirstLady2016.com PAC.