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Chimp attack victim getting $4M settlement

STAMFORD, Conn. -- A settlement agreement calls for a woman disfigured in a chimpanzee attack to receive about $4 million from the estate of the animal's owner, according to documents obtained yesterday by The Associated Press.

Charla Nash's brother filed the lawsuit on her behalf in 2009 in State Superior Court, seeking $50 million in damages from chimp owner Sandra Herold, who died in 2010. Nash was blinded, lost both hands and underwent a face transplant after being mauled outside Herold's home in Stamford in February 2009.

"I think it was a fair compromise on all sides," said Brenden Leydon, a Stamford lawyer representing Herold's estate.

Charla Nash, 57, now lives in a nursing home outside Boston. She had gone to Herold's home to help lure Herold's 200-pound chimpanzee, Travis, back into her home. The animal went berserk and ripped off Nash's nose, lips, eyelids and hands before being shot to death by a police officer.

Travis had starred in TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola when he was younger and appeared on "The Maury Povich Show."

The settlement agreement filed in Stamford Probate Court calls for Herold's estate to provide Nash with $3.4 million in real estate, $331,000 in cash, $140,000 in machinery and equipment and $44,000 in vehicles. -- AP

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