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Hillary Clinton campaign remakes ‘Confessions of a Republican’

Actor Bill Bogert appears in the ad "Confessions

Actor Bill Bogert appears in the ad "Confessions of a Republican" as released by the Clinton campaign in 2016 and the Johnson campaign in 1964. Credit: YouTube

As the Republican National Convention kicked off this morning in Cleveland, the Hillary Clinton camp is trying to sway Republicans on the fence about the party’s presumptive nominee with a fresh take on an old campaign ad.

The ad, “Confessions of a Republican,” is a remake of a spot that aired in 1964 that raised concerns about former Republican nominee Barry Goldwater.

“I was a Republican who voted for Eisenhower and Nixon, my father was a Republican, his father was, the whole family was. But Donald Trump, he’s a different kind of man. This man scares me,” says actor Bill Bogert, who also appeared in the anti-Goldwater plug. “Trump says we need unpredictability when it comes to using nuclear weapons, what is that supposed to mean? When a man says that he sounds a lot like a threat to humanity.”

Bogert closed the 1964 ad by announcing his support for Lyndon B. Johnson. He ends the new ad in similar fashion.

“I’ve thought about not voting. But you can’t do that. That’s saying you don’t care who wins and I do care,” Bogert said. “I think the party’s going to make a terrible mistake in Cleveland and I’m going to have to vote against that mistake on the 8th of November.”

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