Traffic conditions required Ft Lee officers to remain out on corners, managing traffic instead of attending to public safety issues. He [Fort Lee's police chief] also expressed grave concern about the inability of emergency response vehicles, ambulance, FLFD [Fort Lee Fire Department] to traverse the borough while responding to emergencies.'

-- Sept. 9 email from Robert Durando, the bridge general manager, to Cedrick Fulton, the Port Authority's director of tunnels, bridges and terminals

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Peggy Thomas, Borough Administrator, called me regarding the increased volume and congestion of AM rush traffic throughout the Borough as a result of the GWB toll lanes adjustment that occurred. She mentioned that there were 2 incidents that Ft Lee PD and EMS had difficulty responding to; a missing child (later found) and a cardiac arrest.'

-- Sept. 9 email from Tina Lado, PA director of government and community relations, to David Wildstein, PA director for interstate capital projects, Fulton and then PA deputy executive director Bill Baroni