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What do you think about the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border?

In May, the Trump administration announced a stricter border patrol policy aimed at preventing illegal immigration. Any person caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border will be prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice and could face jail time, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said.

“If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you, and that child will be separated from you as required by law,” Sessions said at a May law enforcement conference in Arizona. “If you don’t like that, then don’t smuggle children over our border.”

From mid-April to the end of May, nearly 2,000 children were separated from 1,940 adults, according to Homeland Security statistics cited by The Associated Press.

A growing number of lawmakers, immigrant advocates and others are criticizing the administration's approach, with former first lady Laura Bush calling the policy “cruel” and “immoral” and comparing it to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

What do you think about the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border?

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When criminals that have kids get arrested their kids go to foster care if there is no one to care for them.

Matthew Horton , Patchogue

It's so wrong in so many ways...shame on Trump; he can pardon on a whim and he could stop this but he won't.

Robin Blackley, Southampton

Many parents of those who support this treatment forget that their parents may have come to this country illegally.

Jim Meade, Coram

If a family with kids sneaks into Disney World, what happens? The parents likely get arrested.

C. M, Bethpage

If you think this is "following the law" you have been lied to.

Anthony Parisi, Bohemia


bruce honnold, plainview

Another reprehensible Trump policy from the Russian playbook made possible by all the Yankee Doodle Dandy's who voted for...

Sal DeSantis, Massapequa

If this separation is really so cruel and heartless for people entering this country illegally, should we not also be...

Robert LaPorta, Dix HIlls

How about NOT breaking the law and putting your kids in that situation.

Michael J. Fornasier, Wading River

I gather the liberals don't realize that taxpayers are paying for their care throughout their lives and their children's lives.

Donna Skjeveland, Holbrook

They shouldn’t be separated. They should be sent back.

Michael Meltzer, Stony Brook

Trump is the Messiah of the idiots.

Richard Lillian, Oceanside

First off, this is NOT a law. It is a Trump administration policy, pure and simple.

Susan Maldow, Jericho

In general, I am not a fan of families being separated.

Lauren Auerbach, Port Jefferson

I think it is sad, but unavoidable.

Donna Olson, Locust Valley

The issue is a violation of humanity.

Long Island Resident, North Shore Nassau

Horrible. If my grandkids were taken away they’d scream.

Diane Crammer , Farmingdale


Tom Jones, Garden City

Build that Wall! Enforce the Law!

Garrett Stevenson, West Islip

We elected Trump to be the President of The United States of America. His job is to protect AMERICANS.

Vincent Cirrito, Lindenhurst

Absolutely evil. Straight out of Nazi Germany.

David Zielenziger, Great Neck

The law is the law what is being done has been done in the past three administrations.

Richard Ferrand, Commack

Legally fits the definition of genocide.

Laura Sessions, Glen Cove

I understand the need to enforce our immigration laws by detaining those who cross the border illegally, but keep the...

Donna Gibson, Oceanside NY

Haven't we learned from the Japanese internment camps?

Susan Chung, Farmingdale

Most of these families present themselves at the border requesting asylum-NO CRIME.

Debra Handel, SHOREHAM

We do not separate children from parents who commit misdemeanors.

Thomas Jeffers, Garden City

If you do not like what the law requires, then change the law.

anthony mordente, middle island

This is manufactured news propagated by Democrats and most of the MSM

Joe Jackson, Farmingdale

These people are not criminals. They are desperate people who are fleeing horrific conditions in the hopes of a better life.

Cleon Jones, Flushing NY

Notice you did not hear a peep from these hypocrites about the law when Trump has pardoned convicted criminals.

Edgar Freeberg, Palatine


SALVATORE DE LUCIA, Huntington Station

If the illegals don't want to be separated from their children then don't break the law

John Carey, Wantagh

I think the parents are responsible for putting their kids at risk in this way.

Mike Salimbene, West Islip, NY

We are a nation of immigrants and this country has been built through the years by immigrants (legal or illegal and exiles).

Dee, Babylon

If the people are properly vetted, than than can enter.

William J Young, Massapequa

It’s time to fix our broken immigration system and build a wall that protects all involved.

Gregory Miglino Jr., Brookhaven Hamlet

Mothers should take care of children simple if not then women never men.

Tony Fontana, E.Moriches

I agree with Laura Busch. This President is UNamerican😬

Mary Barbarine, Holbrook

Words cannot express how abhorrent this policy is.

Danielle Daly, Centereach

If illegals are worried of separation, they dont try coming to the country illegally.

Ralph Badr, SELDEN

Whatever happened to "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of...

Michael Fried, Cedarhurst, NY

Teach them to follow the rules in America and everyone will be better off.

Mike Collins, Lindenhurst

They are trying to give their kids a better life.

Alba Chavez, HEMPSTEAD

The kids are just tools of the liberals and the criminals.

Jeff Cohen, Hewlett

Public Law 107-296 The media is the problem.

Robert Kirsch, East Meadow

You broke the law and are responsible for these consequences, not President Trump.

FRANK Male DEMASI, North Bellmore

This is not the American way!

Miles Borden, Kings Park, NY

These people are not terrorists ... they are fleeing horrific conditions and are seeking asylum.

Nicholas Androu, Valley Stream

We're doing our part. Following the law and the process is not much to ask.

Brian Myers, East Northport

It is no difference than when U.S citizens are arrested that have children.

LOU WALKER, Massapequa

This policy is shameful. Whatever happened to com

valerie tan, Northport

It may not be a perfect law but none the less it IS the law.

Scott parker, Wantagh

Child abuse? The abusers are the parents who send their children, unaccompanied, thousands of miles by themselves.

Kaytlin Quinn, Westbury

How exactly does this Make America Great Again?

John Libretti, North Bellmore

Democrats have to work with republicans to fix the problem of illegal immigration.

john lebright, naples

In what country can Americans break the law and not face consequences?

Susan Marie, Nesconset

The law was passed by our government and signed by George Bush

Richard t Flood, Mineola

The problem is greater than malevolent leadership

Joe McMahon, Seaford

Why should other lawbreakers get special treatment?

Nick Tria, Centereach

I am shocked and sad about the responses I see here. Have mercy on us.

Catherine tiger, Setauket

This is nothing new, the Obama administration also detained and separated children from parents

Patrick J Stewart, Farmingdale

The law is "THE Law" and there should not be any exceptions to that law

Jack Wichmann, Westbury,N.Y. and Miami, Fl.

Follow the laws of the United States. Americans first not illegals.

bob Lucas, East Northport

You people who are ok with it I hope aren't going to Church pretending to follow the teachings of that Church.

Mike Mazz, Merrick

We are a nation of immigrants! We are a nation of laws!

Robert Moses, Huntington

It is not a law! It is Trump's administration POLICY to punish migrants.

Betty Monti, East Islip

This is caused by Chuck and the rest of "communist" democrat party.

Robert Boney, Huntington Station, New York

I find it disgusting that a parent would even want to dump their child over the border alone, and we, the Americans, are...

Theresa Kohutka, East Northport

The president is just following the law as written.

William Schneider, Yaphank



These people have nothing and he is taking away now children from their loved ones.

Mary Deveau, Deer Park

It's shocking that our great nation would fall so low

Dylan Skolnick, Huntington Station

We talk about inhumane things in China and North Korea, and now we do them here. NO!

Grace Bertolone, Long Island

First off, this is a Trump Administration Policy and is not a Law.

Tom Jones , Garden City

It is a mean-spirited and planned policy decision by Trump and his cronies, Miller, Kelly and Sessions. Stop the lying!

Steve Kalista, Bay Shore

If I rob a bank and bring my children will the police let me go?

Francis Iannucci, Westbury

It's cruel and inhumane

richard brenner, MIller place, ny

Interesting to see people citing the "law" as if there haven't been many bias, racist, unjust, and flat out regrettable laws...

TJ Thomas, Dix Hills

What are we becoming as a Nation? It’s all so sad......

Matthew Hunter, Rocky Point