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Group backing Clinton presidential run raised $1M in June

BOSTON -- She has yet to say whether she'll run, but a group working to support Hillary Rodham Clinton's prospective presidential bid raised more than $1 million in June alone.

An official with the Ready for Hillary super PAC confirmed yesterday that the organization has accepted donations exceeding $1.25 million since beginning to raise money in earnest in the spring. The figures will be in the group's financial report today.

Clinton, who resigned as secretary of state in February, has said she's in no hurry to announce whether she will even seek the presidency in 2016. But the super PAC dedicated to encouraging her has attracted several prominent Democratic donors and campaign operatives.

Ready for Hillary will report roughly $1 million in the bank after expenses, the official said, with three-quarters of all expenses focused on digital advertising to help build its email list and social media capacity. The organization has already collected donations from all 50 states, according to the official.

Clinton is not formally connected to the group, which can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. She has been making public appearances and working on a book since leaving the State Department.

It's more than three years before the next presidential election, but both sides are actively working to influence Clinton's standing in the race.

Earlier in the month, Ready for Hillary announced it hired a Democratic firm called 270 Strategies to oversee grassroots organizing, volunteer training and recruitment. The move helped improve the legitimacy of the group among some skeptical donors. The firm, started by top aides in President Barack Obama's last election, will work to expand the operation nationally.

Republicans, meanwhile, are in the early stages of an effort to chip away at Clinton's record.

American Crossroads, the GOP group tied to strategist Karl Rove, released a web video in May that suggested Clinton was less than truthful in the Benghazi case, an episode they noted happened "all under Hillary Clinton's watch." An independent review last year blamed the State Department for inadequate security but largely absolved Clinton of wrongdoing.

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