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Hillary Clinton aide: Bernie Sanders runs like ‘Brooklynite’

One of Hillary Clinton's aides says Bernie Sanders

One of Hillary Clinton's aides says Bernie Sanders "is going to campaign like a Brooklynite." Credit: Getty Images / George Frey

Hillary Clinton campaign aide Joel Benenson made reference to her Democratic rival’s rough-and-tumble outer-borough roots Monday in a call with reporters, saying Bernie Sanders is “going to campaign like a Brooklynite.”

Benenson said Clinton would be a contrast while on the trail in New York ahead of the state’s April 19 primary.

“She’s going to campaign like a senator,” the chief campaign strategist said.

Sanders was born and raised in Brooklyn, but now lives in Vermont. Clinton lives in Westchester County.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who supports Clinton but is from Brooklyn, said later Monday, “I assume the phrase ‘campaigning like a Brooklynite’ is a compliment.”

He said the borough is known for its “spirit and spunk and energy and resolve.”

Benenson responded to a Newsday tweet on the mayor’s reaction, insisting that he made his “Brooklynite” comment as a compliment. He said he’s from Queens himself.

The Sanders campaign in a call earlier Monday said the candidate is committed to winning New York.

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