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Hillary Clinton calls first night of GOP convention ‘surreal’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 42nd International Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. Credit: AP / Andrew Harnik

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton described the first night of the Republican National Convention as “surreal,” telling supporters at a Las Vegas campaign stop yesterday the event resembled the movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

“There were similarities,” Clinton told the AFSCME union convention. “Lots of sound and fury, even a fog machine, but when you pulled back the curtain, it was just Donald Trump with nothing to offer the American people.”

Speaking to an energetic crowd of 6,000 unionized public employees, Clinton criticized the tone of the convention’s first night, saying Republicans spent “more of their time attacking me and President Obama rather than making any kind of argument about the future we want to build for our country.”

Clinton’s record as secretary of state came under fire during the first night of the GOP convention, with speakers using the night’s theme of “Make America Safe Again” to cast her as weak and untrustworthy on issues of national security.

“We heard a lot of anger and division, but we did not hear a single solution that would help working families get ahead,” Clinton said.

Clinton seized on Tuesday’s convention theme — “Make America Work Again” — to attack the real estate mogul for using overseas workers to manufacturing products bearing his name.

“If Donald Trump wants to make America great again, he should start actually making things in America again,” Clinton said.

She said the Republican presidential nominee “may claim he is on the side of working people but his actions say otherwise,” citing jobs losses at his bankrupted Atlantic City casinos.

“We need to write a new chapter in the American dream and it can’t be Chapter 11,” Clinton said, referring to the U.S. Bankruptcy code.

Trump in a Republican debate last year defended his company’s bankruptcy filings, describing them as a business decision that was “great . . . for my company, for myself, for my employees, for my family.”

Meanwhile, Clinton billed herself as a “champion” for working individuals and families, repeating her support for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, and vowing to fight against the privitization of public sector jobs.

“When I am president working people will always have a seat at the table and a champion in the White House, because I believe when unions are strong America is strong,” Clinton said.

Clinton also rallied supporters at a voter registration event at a Las Vegas culinary school Tuesday, urging those on hand to mobilize support for her campaign in the swing state of Nevada.

On Monday, her campaign launched a voter mobilization effort aimed at registering 3 million voters before the November general election.

“I’m going to fight for every vote in this state, in every part of this state and with your help, we are going to win this state,” Clinton said.

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