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John Lewis: Difficult to return to Indianapolis park on MLK anniversary

Congressman John Lewis at the Civil Rights Memorial

Congressman John Lewis at the Civil Rights Memorial during a wreath-laying ceremony in Montgomery, Ala., on March 3. Photo Credit: AP / Albert Cesare

INDIANAPOLIS — Civil rights icon John Lewis says it was difficult for him to return to the Indianapolis park where 50 years ago he heard Robert Kennedy tell the crowd about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Lewis, who’s now a Georgia congressman, spoke Wednesday before a few hundred people gathered in the park where Kennedy was to make a presidential campaign speech, but instead issued a call for peace and unity that’s credited with helping Indianapolis avoid the riots that broke out in many cities.

Lewis was a Kennedy campaign aide in 1968 and says he hadn’t returned to the park since King’s death.

Lewis said he believed King and Kennedy would both say today “love each other and never hate, for hate is too heavy a burden to bear.”

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