Kimberly Fugate wasn’t ready to give birth to identical triplets 13 weeks early. And she was definitely not ready to discover a fourth baby the doctors hadn't seen during her pregnancy.

“There are more feet,” Fugate’s physician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center told the mother, according to a medical center statement, after she delivered the first three babies, turning the expected identical triplets into unexpected identical quadruplets.

The four sisters — Kenleigh Rosa, Kristen Sue, Kayleigh Pearl and Kelsey Roxanne — were born on Feb. 8, nearly three months earlier than expected.

In November 2013, a day before her 42nd birthday, Fugate was told she was having triplets.

Fugate, her husband, Craig, and the entire health care team working on her case weren’t aware a fourth baby existed. The baby stayed hidden behind her three sisters in ultrasounds.

The odds of having spontaneous quadruplets are 1 in 729,000, according to Dr. James Bofill, professor of maternal fetal medicine, who was quoted in a news release. And in the Fugates' case, the odds are even higher because their babies split from a single egg.

“Those odds are incalculable,” Bofill said, according to the statement.

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Two days after giving birth to the "sweet miracles," Fugate, her husband and their daughter Katelyn, 10, set up a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the quadruplets’ health.

The page for the “Quad Squad” has more than 41,000 likes with people from around the world congratulating the couple.

On Valentine’s Day, the Fugate family said the “babies are having ups and downs, which is to be expected. … Still covet your prayers for our sweet miracles!” 

The babies have been on and off ventilators since the birth, and Kristen has a touch of jaundice. 

However, it looks like the girls’ health has already taken a turn for the better.

“The nurse said their lung X-rays was a little better today,” the Fugate family posted on Facebook Sunday. “Very thankful for the improvements!”