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Lauren Spierer anniversary: Mother again calls for polygraphs in daughter's disappearance

NEWS12 WESTCHESTER: Lauren Spierer wants her daughter's boyfriend to take an FBI-administered polygraph test, something he has refused to do. (June 2, 2013)

On the eve of the two-year anniversary of her daughter's disappearance, Charlene Spierer implored the young men who last saw Lauren Spierer to take FBI polygraph tests in order to glean clues about the fate of the Edgemont High School graduate, who vanished at 20 years old.

"We've never accused anybody," said Charlene Spierer, speaking to News12 at her home Sunday afternoon. "We've just asked people over and over to take the law enforcement polygraphs. All we have is who Lauren was last with and the people who were around her. We just continue to beg anyone to come forward that has information that can help us."

Spierer, a Greenburgh native, disappeared on June 3, 2011, after a night of partying in Bloomington, Ind., where she attended Indiana University. Reports have suggested that the young woman, who suffered from a heart condition, was using hard drugs that night.

Spierer partied at fellow college student Jay Rosenbaum's apartment on the night she disappeared, according to a recent report from Fox News. She also allegedly left the apartment with another student, Corey Rossman. After going to a local bar, she wound up at Rossman's apartment, the article said.

Rossman's roommate, Mike Beth, then walked Spierer back to Rosenbaum's apartment. Rosenbaum reportedly asked Spierer to sleep at his house, but she refused. He is allegedly the last person to see her as she walked home alone in the dark.

Charlene Spierer on Sunday didn't hold out hope of finding her daughter alive. She simply wanted answers about what happened.

"Our expectations have gotten to the point where we really just would hope for a piece of information," she said. "I'm not anywhere near the point of hoping all of a sudden we're going to get information that's going to lead us to Lauren. I'm looking for everything that would help us solve this mystery."

Charlene Spierer said that police would learn more about the night her daughter disappeared if Rosenbaum, Rossman and Beth took polygraph tests. She also wanted Lauren Spierer's then-boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, to take a test. The FBI, rather than local police in Bloomington, would administer the test, she said.

Calls to Wolff's Port Washington home were not immediately returned. Attempts to contact Rosenbaum, Rossman and Beth were unsuccessful.

Lauren's mother acknowledged to News12 that the boys had accused her of bothering them in her search for clues. But she didn't apologize.

"As a parent, what would you do?" Spierer said. "Hopefully one of these days somebody will have a crisis of conscience and come forward."

The grieving mother made her comments a few days after Bloomington police issued a statement saying they were still seeking information about the investigation.

"The Bloomington Police Department has continued its ongoing effort to provide answers to Lauren's family and the Bloomington community," the statement said. "No amount of time passing will deter us from our responsibility and we remain dedicated to Lauren's cause."

As of May 24, Bloomington Police have received 3,060 tips related to the investigation, including 166 this year.

"Investigators diligently pursue the information with the same level of commitment as in the beginning," the police statement said.

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