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LI museum director aims for good viewing spot in D.C.

Among the millions who are expected to watch Barack Obama's inauguration from the National Mall, David Byer-Tyre has a plan to secure a good viewing spot for himself and 40 friends.

"I do have a strategy for getting as close as I possibly can," said Byer-Tyre, the director of the African American Museum of Nassau County in Hempstead. "I have 40 other friends who are meeting me there. We're going to go in waves and start securing an area."

Byer-Tyre, 38, of South Farmingdale, said there was "no question" that he would make the trip to Washington to watch the inauguration of the nation's first black president.

He said: "With the first African-American president, being the director of an institution that represents the African-American community, it's good to be able to describe the firsthand experience of participating in this event to those who wouldn't be able to attend."

The presumed inconveniences - crowds, travel, long waits in the cold - are nothing, he said, compared to the value of being there in person.

"I don't know what the experience is going to be," he said, "but it's one that I would never miss."

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