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'Loaded Potato Skin' enters presidential race

Loaded Potato Skin announces his candidacy for president

Loaded Potato Skin announces his candidacy for president of the United States on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, while standing (where else?) in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan. Credit: AP / Diane Bondareff

An already "loaded" presidential field just got even more full.

That's right -- Loaded Potato Skin, the appetizer from TGI Fridays, declared its candidacy for president Tuesday.

A man dressed as the decidedly American dish appeared in front of Manhattan's Trump Tower, promising, a news release said, to put some "skin in the game."

Loaded Potato Skin was not the only new candidate Tuesday. Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, bringing the GOP field to 16. Five candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination.

Loaded Potato Skin claims to be an independent, and contended that he should become the 45th president -- in part because of his shape. "I'm oval. The Oval Office is oval," he said. "You do the math."

The tasty tuber's campaign is part of the TGI Fridays Endless Appetizer promotion, which has returned for a limited time. The company says its Loaded Potato Skins are served more than 5 million times a week. That's quite a constituency.

The calorie-heavy campaign is already in full swing on Twitter @PotatoInChief, where he can be seen photo-bombing "Good Morning America" while holding a sign that says "#PotatoInChief" and "#PotatoPOTUS."

"Sure, I may not win. But, I might not finish last," another tweet said. "How much would it suck to lose to a potato skin?"

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