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Manhunt continues for former LA cop accused in killings

LOS ANGELES -- A former Los Angeles police officer went on a deadly shooting rampage to punish those he blamed for his firing, authorities said, killing a police officer and two others and setting off a massive manhunt.

The search for Christopher Dorner focused late Thursday on Big Bear Lake, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, where police found a burned-out pickup truck that belonged to the ex-cop. San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said officers were going door to door looking for him.

Throughout the day, thousands of heavily armed officers patrolled highways in the state, while some stood guard outside the homes of more than 40 potential targets whom police say Dorner vowed to attack in an angry rant posted online.

"I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" to Los Angeles Police Department officers, on or off duty, said the manifesto. It also asserted: "Unfortunately, I will not be alive to see my name cleared. That's what this is about, my name. "

At one point, officers guarding a location fired on a pickup truck believing it matched the description of Dorner's dark colored 2005 Nissan Titan, injuring two innocent occupants.

Dorner, 33, had multiple weapons including an assault rifle, Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said.

The search for Dorner, who was fired from the LAPD in 2008 for making false statements, began after he was linked to a weekend killing in which one of the victims was the daughter of a former police captain who had represented him during the disciplinary hearing. Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, were found shot in their car at a parking structure at their condominium on Sunday in Irvine. Police said Dorner implicated himself in the couple's killings in the manifesto posted on Facebook. They believe he wrote it because there were details in it only he would know.

As officers searched for Dorner, there was a report of a shooting in Corona that involved two LAPD officers working a security detail, police said. A resident pointed out Dorner to the officers, who followed until his pickup stopped and the driver got out and fired a rifle at them. A bullet grazed an officer's head.

Later, two officers on routine patrol in neighboring Riverside were ambushed at a stop light by a motorist who drove up next to them and opened fire with a rifle. One died and the other was seriously wounded but was expected to survive, Riverside police Chief Sergio Diaz said.

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