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Michelle Obama stumbles over candidate Bruce Braley's name

First lady Michelle Obama and U.S. Senate candidate

First lady Michelle Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley wave to the crowd after her speech at the Iowa Votes rally on Oct. 10, 2014. Photo Credit: AP / Kelsey Kremer

First lady Michelle Obama brought star power to an Iowa Senate candidate’s recent campaign event.

Unfortunately for Bruce Braley, she got his name wrong,  seven times.

"I'm very excited to be here to support your next senator from Iowa, our friend Bruce Bailey," Obama said Friday in a video of a campaign rally posted on The Des Moines Register’s website.

After introducing Brailey incorrectly, she continued to mispronounce his name -- seven times in total, according to CNN -- until an audience member brought the issue to her attention.

"Braley? What did I say? I'm losing it, I'm getting old,” she said.

Finally, correcting herself, she said, "Vote dot Bruce Braley dot com,” which was followed by loud applause.

“That’s why we need you young people, you gotta help us out!” she said.

But according to CNN, that was not the only mistake the FLOTUS made during her speech.  

She called Braley a veteran, but it was the candidate’s father, Byard Braley, who was in the Marine Corps.

Obama isn’t the only political figure to have botched the candidate’s name though. The Des Moines Register reports that former President Bill Clinton also called Braley “Bailey” at the end of a speech there.

Following the slipups, the first lady got GOP criticism on social media.

A Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer tweeted, "First lady botches name of Dem Senate candidate at rally.”

Donald Trump also tweeted, "If a conservative Republican made the mistake that Mrs. Obama just made by calling Braley by the wrong name, it would be the biggest story!"

Braley is currently running against Republican State Sen. Joni Ernst.


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