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CALIFORNIA: Missing kids on Facebook

A Southern California mother whose two children were reported missing 15 years ago has tracked them down in Florida using Facebook. San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney Kurt Rowley says Faustino Utrera, the father of the boy and girl, took off with them in 1995 when they were ages 2 and 3. Rowley says recently the mother typed one of the children's names into Facebook and a listing for her daughter, now a teenager, came up. The mom contacted authorities, who tracked the Facebook profile to Orlando, Fla. Utrera was arrested and charged with kidnapping and violating child custody orders. The Florida Department of Children & Families says the mom is trying to build a new relationship with the children.

ARIZONA: Ralliers support new law

Hundreds of people supporting Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigration gathered near the state Capitol Saturday afternoon as soaring temperatures reached 105 degrees. Pennsylvania-based group Voice of the People USA organized the demonstration, which they touted as a grassroots effort. Attendees came from every region of the United States, Voice of the People president Daniel Smeriglio said. Hundreds of motorcycle riders kicked off the rally off around by riding in a procession around the Capitol. Supporters waved American flags and some carried signs that read "What part of illegal don't they understand?"

NATIONWIDE: Lung cancer drug promising

It's too soon to declare success, but an experimental drug for lung cancer patients with a certain gene showed extraordinary promise in early testing, doctors reported at a cancer conference Saturday. More than 90 percent of the 82 patients in a study saw their tumors shrink after two months on the drug, Pfizer Inc.'s crizotinib, researchers reported. Doctors had expected only about 10 percent of these very sick patients to respond to the drug, according to one of the study's leaders, Dr. Yung-Jue Bang of the Seoul National University College of Medicine in South Korea.

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