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Nation briefs

LOUISIANA: Final tests on oil well plug

In the strongest indication yet that BP's broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico may be plugged for good, officials Thursday said they're conducting tests to determine if further work to seal the well is needed. A final decision was expected Friday on whether crews need to go ahead with drilling relief wells to allow for a so-called "bottom kill," in which mud and cement are pumped from deep underground to permanently seal the well.

WISCONSIN: Mega-pot farm discovered

Northern Wisconsin's Chequameqon-Nicolet National Forest is a vast, verdant getaway for hundreds of thousands of campers, hikers and anglers every year. But hidden within was a marijuana megafarm. Nobody in law enforcement has said it publicly, but the style matches that of Mexican cartels that have been using public land in the United States to grow vast amounts of marijuana and avoid the risk and expense of smuggling the drugs across the border.

MAINE: Lighthouse for sale

The property has a million-dollar view, but the quarters are cramped, the grounds are nothing to brag about and a loud fog horn blares every 10 seconds. For the right price, the picturesque Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse can be yours. The 72-foot conical light tower in waters a mile off the Southern Maine coast is being auctioned by the federal government. The property isn't for everybody. It's also hard to get to, located on a wave-swept rocky ledge where landing a boat can be treacherous.

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