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NEW HAMPSHIRE / GOP picks tea party figure

State Republicans elected a tea party figure as their leader and rejected the establishment-backed candidate, a sign that GOP activists in this early voting presidential state have embraced the anti-government message that helped them make major gains in November's election. Former gubernatorial candidate Jack Kimball edged businesswoman Juliana Bergeron in a race that pitted first-time voters against White House veterans. Kimball, who said he would "send Barack Obama packing" and elect a Republican governor in 2012, promised not to shy from a fight. "We are in a war and we are going to win it," Kimball said. "We are going to pull ourselves from the brink. We are going after the Democrats the whole time."

MISSISSIPPI / Bath salts abuse growing

When Neil Brown got high on bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven't been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky. Some say the effects of the powders are as powerful as abusing methamphetamine. Increasingly, law enforcement agents and poison control centers say the bath salts with complex chemical names are an emerging menace in several states where authorities talk of banning their sale.

NATIONWIDE / There are 10B apps for that

Apple Inc.'s App Store has now gotten more than 10 billion downloads, the company said yesterday. In an announcement on its website, Apple did not reveal the name of the person who made the 10 billionth download, but the company had promised to give him or her a $10,000 gift card. Apple has sold tens of millions of iPhones since the product hit the market in 2007, and its popularity remains undiminished with ever more programs and wireless carriers signing on.

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