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WASHINGTON STATE / Cops: Young partygoers overdosed

Police say a dozen young people, most of them women, were taken to hospitals after overdosing on an unknown substance that may have been slipped into their drinks at a house party in central Washington. According to police and a nursing supervisor, all but one had been released by late Saturday afternoon, and that person was in good condition at a hospital in Ellensburg. Kittitas County sheriff's deputies responded to a report that a person who apparently overdosed was at a Roslyn grocery store. Acting on information from the victim's friends, police went to the house party and found 11 more young people either passed out or semiconscious. Police believe something may have been slipped into their drinks. Many of the roughly 50 people at the party were students at Central Washington University.

CALIFORNIA / School-shooting suspect is mum

The suspect in a San Diego-area grade school shooting that left two young girls injured Friday was not cooperating with investigators, police said Saturday, and his neighbors described strange behavior in the months before the shooting. Brendan L. O'Rourke, 41, was held Saturday on six counts of attempted murder and numerous weapons violations. Carlsbad police said O'Rourke was refusing to answer questions but was believed to be acting alone. Police said a propane tank was found near his car and a gas canister was near at a school playground.

CALIFORNIA / Shourd urges hikers' release

An American hiker recently freed by Iran said Saturday she is still haunted by images of her friend and fiance in their cramped jail cells and won't have her life back until they have been released. Sarah Shourd spoke at a gathering of friends and family in Oakland, where she appealed to Iranian officials to show compassion and release her fiance, Shane Bauer, and friend Josh Fattal. "I'm not free," she said, as she choked up with tears. "My life will not resume until Shane and Josh are with me." Shourd said again Saturday that like her, the men are innocent. The U.S. State Department has said officials from Oman have visited Iran to try to secure the release.

WASHINGTON / IMF to referee currency dispute

The International Monetary Fund moved Saturday to become the referee of the growing dispute between the richest countries and emerging market economies over whose currencies should bear the weight of the global recovery. The move by the IMF reflects the lack of progress that the world's top finance ministers and central bankers made on easing tensions over the mounting trade deficits in countries like the U.S. and the U.K. and surpluses in countries like China and Germany.

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