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NATIONWIDE / List of cancer agents grows

The widely used preservative formaldehyde was among two agents added Friday to a list of known carcinogens by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Formaldehyde is linked to leukemia and a rare type of nasal cancer. Aristolochic acids, found in herbal treatments for arthritis and gout, also listed as a known carcinogen, can cause bladder or urinary-tract cancer. Six suspected carcinogens were added: styrene, found in food containers and coffee cups; captafol, a fungicide that has been banned in the United States since 1999; cobalt-tungsten carbide, used to make cutting and grinding tools; inhalable glass wool fibers in building insulation; o-nitrotoluene, used to make dyes; and riddelliine, found in herbal drugs and teas.

TENNESSEE / Dad guilty of mom's murder

A Memphis man was found guilty Friday of murder after his three children gave vivid testimony about how he stabbed and strangled their mother, then dismembered and disposed of her body. It took less than two hours for the jury to convict James Hawkins, 33, in the 2008 killing and dismemberment of his girlfriend Charlene Gaither, 28. The jury next will decide whether he should be sentenced to death.

HAWAII / TSA to fire 36 over breach

The Transportation Security Administration said Friday it plans to fire 36 workers, including two high-ranking officials, and has suspended 12 others after an investigation begun late last year found they did not properly screen baggage at Honolulu International Airport, which has 750 TSA workers. "A small percentage of commercial flights departing Honolulu were affected by this," a TSA spokesman said.

MISSOURI / Rare infection after tornado

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday it is helping to investigate a rare fungal, sometimes fatal, infection affecting Joplin tornado survivors. Three tornado survivors hospitalized with the infection have died, but these patients also had other serious ailments.

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