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MIDWEST: Floods, winds wreak havoc

Severe storms crashed through the Midwest on Tuesday, forcing residents in central Indiana to flee their homes because of rising floodwaters and to frantically poke a hole in an earthen dam. In several states, residents took advantage of a brief break from the weather yesterday to clean up from tornadoes and flash floods. Twenty-five homes were destroyed and at least a hundred more damaged in Wisconsin, while 26 families in Illinois were homeless after winds tore a roof off an apartment complex.

WASHINGTON: Seniors driving safely

The stereotype: Senior driver poking nervously along, frustrating younger drivers in a rush to get past. The concern: Experts predicted crash rates would soar as America grew older. The reality: Older people are driving more, crashing less and their fatal accidents have dropped by 37 percent. The biggest drop of all, 47 percent, came among drivers over the age of 80. This all emerged in a study released this week by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

NEBRASKA: A city's immigration vote

While busy running a general store that caters to the growing number of Latinos in the meatpacking town of Fremont, Alfredo Velez had new concerns Tuesday after 57 percent of his neighbors voted for an ordinance to crack down on illegal immigrants. To him, the vote a day earlier sent a clear message: "We're not welcome here," said Velez, a native of Mexico who became a U.S. citizen in 1985. Fremont joins Arizona and a few other cities in the debate over immigration regulations.

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