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ARIZONA: Immigrant plan angers MDs

Republican lawmakers want to widen Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration with a proposal to require hospitals to check on whether patients are in the country legally, causing outrage among medical professionals who fear becoming de facto immigration agents. The medical industry ripped the bill Monday as it was scheduled for a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee in Phoenix. Doctors see scenarios in which immigrants with contagious diseases such as tuberculosis would stay home from the clinic or hospital and put themselves and the public at a grave health risk.

NORTH CAROLINA: John Edwards testifies

Two-time presidential candidate John Edwards has testified under oath in a lawsuit over a videotape that purportedly depicts him in a sexual encounter, an attorney for a former Edwards aide said. Robert Elliot said Edwards was deposed last week as part of a dispute between former Edwards aide Andrew Young and Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter. Hunter has sued Young to reclaim materials, including a video that Young has said depicts an encounter involving Edwards and a woman he assumes to be Hunter. Young has said he helped cover up the affair and contends the tape was found amid trash Hunter left behind in a home he was renting. Meanwhile, a separate federal criminal investigation in Raleigh has drawn several people to testify before a grand jury. People familiar with the case have said investigators are examining how much Edwards knew about money used to cover up his affair and whether he violated campaign finance laws. The investigation is focused on whether money given to Hunter and Young should have been considered campaign donations.

OHIO: Brother charged in shooting

A teenager has been charged with shooting his younger brother in the head in front of shoppers after a dispute in an Apple store. Columbus police said Monday that they charged Andrew Kelley, 16, with felonious assault in the Saturday night shooting at Easton Town Center, 8 miles northeast of downtown Columbus. His brother, Andrake Kelley, 15, remained hospitalized in critical condition.

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