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WASHINGTON STATE: Journalist's license revoked

Washington has canceled the driver's license of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who said publicly he is an illegal immigrant. An investigation was begun after Jose Antonio Vargas' essay was published in the New York Times Magazine in June, the Department of Licensing said Thursday. Vargas wrote that he obtained a driver's license in Washington after his Oregon license expired. The department sent him a letter requesting proof of residency, and the letter was returned. In his essay, Vargas wrote about worrying that his Oregon license would expire when he turned 30, then winning "a small reprieve," a state of Washington license. "This offered me five more years of acceptable identification -- but also five more years of fear, of lying to people I respect and institutions that trusted me," he wrote. He was part of the Washington Post team that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2008 for coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre.

CALIFORNIA: Suspect killed by own gun

A police shooting that stirred community outcry took a stunning turn Thursday when investigators said they now believe a parolee fatally shot himself in the neck. Kenneth Harding, 19, died Saturday in what San Francisco police had described as a shootout in which he fired first. Preliminary autopsy results showed the caliber of the bullet that killed him did not match that used by police. Harding was the main person of interest in the South Seattle shooting death last week of Tanaya Gilbert, 19, Seattle police said.

TEXAS: Creationism texts approved

After several hours of public debate over the teaching of evolution, the State Board of Education gave preliminary approval Thursday to supplemental science materials for the upcoming school year and beyond, making only minor changes. The Republican-dominated board drew national attention in 2009 when it adopted statewide standards encouraging schools to scrutinize "all sides" of scientific theory. A final vote is scheduled Friday.

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