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WASHINGTON: Poet disputes memorial quote

Poet and author Maya Angelou is taking issue with a paraphrased quotation from Martin Luther King Jr. inscribed in his new memorial, saying the shortened version makes the civil rights leader sound like an "arrogant twit" because it's out of context. The words were from a sermon King delivered Feb. 4, 1968, at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, two months before he was assassinated. Angelou, who consulted on the memorial, told The Washington Post that the shortened version of those words sounds egotistical and should be changed.

COLORADO: Cuts his toes off to get free

Jon Hutt was logging all alone in a remote forest when his six-ton trailer fell onto his right foot. The pain was excruciating, no one was around to hear his cries for help and he couldn't free himself. So he pulled out his 3-inch pocket knife and cut off his toes. "It hurt so bad," Hutt, 61, said, "I would cut for a while and then I had to rest." Hutt then climbed into his semi tractor-trailer, his foot wrapped in a shirt, and drove for help. Hutt, who runs a crane business and does logging "for fun," had gone into the woods Aug. 19 to collect fallen aspen trees for winter firewood. The wiry 180-pounder couldn't reach his cellphone, which was out of range anyway. Hutt stopped the bleeding with the shirt and drove toward his home outside Montrose, 175 miles southwest of Denver. His severed toes were retrieved, but they were badly mangled and couldn't be reattached. Doctors sewed his foot shut and wrapped it in bandages. They warned him he may face more surgery.

ILLINOIS: Mystery illness fells three

Environmental tests at an Air Force base in southern Illinois failed to pinpoint what caused three people to fall sick while handling mail Wednesday, the Air Force said. Two Postal Service workers and an Air Force serviceman at Scott Air Force Base developed respiratory or skin problems in reaction to something in the mail room. The incident led to the evacuation of parts of the facility.

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