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NASA: More astronauts urged

NASA needs to keep more astronauts on staff than planned, even though no one is being launched from the home turf, a report urged Wednesday. Many astronauts have retired or quit with this year's end of the space shuttle program. A robust corps still is needed, the report noted, to fill crew aboard the International Space Station and help forge the way for exploration in the decades ahead. NASA's astronaut corps peaked at 149 in 2000. It's down to 60 now. The National Research Council warns that NASA's current projected target size for the corps "poses a risk to the U.S. investment in human spaceflight capabilities."

CALIFORNIA: How homeless man died

A homeless man suffered brain injuries, a shattered nose, a smashed cheek bone, broken ribs and severe internal bleeding during a violent altercation with Fullerton police, according to medical records released Wednesday. The family of Kelly Thomas provided the records from the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, where the mentally ill Thomas died five days after the clash at the Fullerton bus depot. The records show the immediate cause of death was "brain death" due to "head trauma." The findings raise new questions about the level of violence used by six police officers during the July 5 confrontation with Thomas, a case that has roiled Orange County politics. Police have said they were simply trying to subdue him. Medical records show that Thomas, 37, was Tasered "multiple" times.

TROPICAL STORMS: Nate newest threat ahead

Tropical Storm Nate has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, and a warning has been issued for parts of Mexico's coast. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami says Nate could become a hurricane by tomorrow. Tropical Storm Maria was swirling in the western Atlantic, far from land. Hurricane Katia continued to blow as a Category 1 storm in the Atlantic and was pushing large swells to the U.S. East Coast and Bermuda.

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