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PENNSYLVANIA: Four adults locked in cellar

Three people were charged Sunday following the discovery of four malnourished mentally disabled adults chained to a boiler in a locked basement room in northeast Philadelphia that was too small for an adult to stand up straight, police said. Officers investigating a report of squatters found three men and a woman in a 15-by-15-foot room behind a steel door chained shut. Charges of criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, criminal trespass, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment were filed against Linda Ann Weston, 51, and Thomas Gregory, 47, of Philadelphia, and Eddie Wright, 49, from Texas and officially listed as homeless.

NEVADA: Military gays convene

Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan was eight months into a nine-month assignment in Kuwait, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had just informed Congress that the armed forces were ready to integrate openly gay troops. The photograph of her wife and 4-year-old daughter hidden in her desk helped. "I said, 'Sir, I would like to introduce you to someone. This is my family,"' Morgan recalled of her July conversation with her boss, an Army colonel leading a 2,400-solider brigade. "He said, 'Charlie, you have a beautiful family. You know, "don't ask, don't tell" prevented me from getting to know you.' " Nearly four weeks after the ban on open service by gays was lifted, similar stories of secret-shedding, relief and acceptance were swapped Saturday as 200 gay personnel on active duty met in their first national convention.

ALASKA: Aleutians volcano threatens

Lava has reached the edge of a crater in a volcano in the Aleutian Islands, and the mountain could explode and its ash cloud that could threaten aircraft. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says satellite images show lava at the crater rim of 5,675-foot Cleveland Mountain on uninhabited Chuginadak Island, 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. The nearest village, Nikolski, is on another island about 50 miles east and has 18 permanent residents.

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