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CALIFORNIA: No jail time in massacre

The lone Marine to face sentencing for the killing of two dozen unarmed Iraqis walked away with no jail time Tuesday after defending his squad's storming of the homes in Haditha as a necessary act "to keep the rest of my Marines alive." Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich's sentence for negligent dereliction of duty ends a six-year prosecution for the 2005 attack that failed to win any manslaughter convictions. Eight Marines were initially charged. Wuterich ended his manslaughter trial by pleading guilty Monday. The deal that dropped nine counts of manslaughter sparked outrage in the besieged Iraqi town and claims that the United States didn't hold the military accountable.

Parks supervisor slain

A recently laid-off park employee was arrested Tuesday in the shooting death of a parks superintendent whose body was found in his bullet-riddled car near the American River. Dupree Barber, 47, was held on suspicion of murder in the slaying of Steve Ebert, 59, superintendent of the Cordova Recreation and Parks District.

VIRGINIA: CIA agent accused in leaks

CIA officer John Kiriakou went public in 2007 with his descriptions of the waterboarding of a top al-Qaida leader in 2002, much of what he said he admitted later turned out to be wrong. Kiriakou was charged Monday with leaking classified details about terror operations, including the names of covert CIA operatives, to at least three journalists. Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) urged the Justice Department to reveal the names of journalists and lawyers who received information from the alleged leak.

ARIZONA: 2 plead guilty in gun sales

Two men pleaded guilty in Phoenix to buying guns destined to be smuggled into Mexico, the first convictions in the federal government's botched Operation Fast and Furious. Jacob Wayne Chambers and Jacob Anthony Montelongo were "straw buyers" who acknowledged purchasing guns that they knew were headed to Mexican gangs.

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