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NATIONWIDE: Gas safety valves needed

A bulldozer clearing land outside a day care center in Hapeville, Ga., broke open a buried 1-inch pipeline. The escaping gas ignited a fireball that killed nine people, including seven children. That was 1968. Since then, there have been 270 similar accidents across the country that could have been prevented or made less dangerous by a valve that cuts off leaking gas and costs as little as $10-$15 for homes and small businesses and $200-$300 for larger buildings, an Associated Press investigation found. Nearly 90 percent of the nation's gas service lines aren't fitted with the valves. "There were lives lost that did not need to be lost," said Robert Hall of the National Transportation Safety Board.

CALIFORNIA: Police gunfire questioned

An Anaheim neighborhood where police shot an unarmed man to death is a few miles up the road from Disneyland. With another officer-involved killing on Sunday, involving a man who allegedly shot at police, residents are questioning what has made officers resort to deadly force. The killings take the tally of officer-involved shootings to six so far this year, up from four a year before, said police Sgt. Bob Dunn. Five of the incidents have been fatal. Police Chief John Welter said he believes an uptick in gang-related crime in the last eight to 10 months is driving the increase. In the working-class neighborhood where Manuel Diaz, 25, was shot to death Saturday afternoon, candles, flowers and posters were left, questioning why officers would shoot an unarmed man who didn't appear to be committing a crime.

MICHIGAN: Roomer held in slayings

"Copious amounts" of blood and other clues were found linking handyman Roger Bowling to the shooting and dismemberment of a Detroit-area couple who had let him move in a few weeks ago, police said Monday. The details were disclosed as Bowling, charged with first-degree murder in Allen Park, appeared in court. The bodies were found miles away in the Detroit River.

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