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WASHINGTON: Vets HR official resigns

The top human resources official for the Department of Veterans Affairs resigned and two other employees were placed on leave after an investigation into two VA conferences in Florida found that conference planners allowed up to $762,000 in questionable spending and accepted gifts, including spa treatments and entertainment. The VA Office of Inspector General report, released Monday, found that the supervision by senior VA officials over two training conferences in Orlando last year was "weak, ineffective, and in some cases, nonexistent." John Sepulveda, assistant secretary for human resources and administration, "abdicated his responsibilities," the report added. Sepulveda resigned on Sunday.

MICHIGAN: No sign of Jimmy Hoffa

Like many others that came before it, the latest search for former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa has come up empty. Tests at Michigan State University on soil samples gathered last week from a backyard in suburban Detroit showed no traces that Hoffa, or anyone else, was buried there, Roseville police announced Tuesday. Thus ended the latest in a string of tips and rumors about one of America's great mysteries. Over the years, authorities have dug up a Michigan horse farm, looked under a swimming pool and pulled up floorboards in their quest for the former union leader. Hoffa last was seen July 30, 1975, outside a restaurant in Oakland County.

OREGON: Farmer's death in a pig pen

Authorities are investigating how a farmer was eaten by his hogs. Terry Vance Garner, 69, set out to feed his animals last Wednesday on his farm near the Oregon coast and did not return, the Coos County district attorney said. A family member found dentures and pieces of his body in the hog enclosure hours later, but most of the remains had been consumed, District Attorney Paul Frasier said. Several of the hogs weighed 700 pounds or more. At least one hog had previously bitten Garner, he said. The possibility of foul play was being investigated as well.

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