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CALIFORNIA: Family of 4 missing at sea

Crews planned to search by sea and air through the night Monday for a husband, wife, their 4-year-old son and his cousin who sent a series of distress calls saying their sailboat was sinking far off the coast and they were fashioning a raft from a cooler and a life ring. The family had been sailing Sunday west of Monterey Bay, where strong winds and swells made for perilous conditions. The Coast Guard determined from the boat's radio signal and radar that their call came from about 60 miles west of Monterey. The boaters reported that their 29-foot sailboat was taking on water and the electronics were failing. An hour later, they reported they had to abandon the boat.

WASHINGTON: Pro-Obama group defended

Facing tough questions about past pledges by President Barack Obama to help curb the role of money in politics, the White House pushed back Monday against suggestions that donors to a new group supporting his agenda will have special access to the president. Questions remain about how Organizing for Action will interact with the White House, chief among them what benefits will be offered those who shell out hefty sums to help bolster Obama's legislative priorities. Press secretary Jay Carney wouldn't directly address reports that donors who raise $500,000 will be invited to quarterly meetings with Obama.

NEVADA: Ex-con suspected in Vegas

Police said Monday they have a warrant for Ammar Harris, 26, an ex-convict identified as the prime suspect in a shooting and fiery crash that killed three people last week on the Las Vegas Strip. Police have released a photo of Harris taken after his arrest last year in Las Vegas in a 2010 prostitution case. They said Harris should be considered armed and dangerous.

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