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OHIO: Guilty in Craigslist killings

A self-styled street preacher accused of teaming with a high school student in a deadly plot to lure men with Craigslist job offers and rob them was found guilty Tuesday of aggravated murder. A jury in Akron returned the verdict against Richard Beasley, 53, charged with killing two men from Ohio and one from Norfolk, Va. A man from South Carolina was shot but survived and testified about running for his life and hiding in woods, scared he'd bleed to death. Beasley also was convicted of aggravated robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder. The jury will return March 20 to consider the death penalty. Brogan Rafferty, 16, was sentenced last year to life in prison without the chance of parole.

TEXAS: Panhandle crash kills 5 teens

Derrek Lee Hager had just dropped off his girlfriend and was headed with four other friends to continue enjoying their spring break. They never made it, dying in a fiery wreck near Dumas in the Panhandle after running a stop sign and colliding with a loaded fuel tanker. On the same day, an Ohio accident killed six and a day before an Illinois crash killed four. Three teenagers died Friday in Indiana when two pickups ran a four-way stop and collided. In Ohio, the 19-year-old driver of an allegedly stolen SUV that plunged into water, killing six of eight people inside did not have a current driver's license. The accidents are horrific reminders of the perils of teen driving, yet statistics show fatal crashes among teens have declined in a decade, the Governors Highway Safety Association reports.

WASHINGTON: Hagel orders medal review

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the military to stop production of a controversial medal pending a 30-day study of whether the award for drone pilots and cyber warriors should outrank medals for battlefield bravery. The Distinguished Warfare Medal was approved by Leon Panetta in his last days as defense secretary.

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