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Palin's Senate endorsement outrages some Facebook fans

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has outraged some of her fans with an endorsement of former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina in the GOP's U.S. Senate primary in California.

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate made the endorsement on her Facebook page, saying Fiorina's experience running a major corporation is sorely lacking in Washington. In the Thursday posting, Palin called Fiorina a "Commonsense Conservative" who has the potential to beat "liberal" Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in November.

More than 7,400 Palin fans clicked the "like" button on the Facebook endorsement, but the snub of Chuck DeVore, a favorite of tea party supporters, prompted the Facebook outcry.

There is no "dislike" button on Facebook. But scores of the nearly 1,800 comments from Palin's 1.5-million-plus Facebook supporters - many among the tea party faithful - took the time to plead in Facebook comments for Palin to change her endorsement.

Palin later posted an addendum, noting that "some reaction right out of the chute calls for more information." She listed reasons for her support, including Fiorina's endorsement by the National Right to Life and the California Pro-Life Council. - AP

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