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Palin won't rule out potential presidential bid

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during a

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during a campaign rally for Texas Gov. Rick Perryon on Feb. 7, 2010 in Cypress, Texas. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sarah Palin said during an interview on the "Fox News Sunday" she "won't close the door" on a potential presidential bid.

"It would be absurd to not consider what it is that I can potentially do to help our country," she said. The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate said she would run "if I believe that that is the right thing to do for our country and for the Palin family."

Palin, 45, said she is receiving daily e-mail briefings on domestic and foreign policy from Washington advisers and that she is more knowledgeable on those topics than in 2008. "My focus has been enlarged," she said. "So, I sure as heck better be more astute on these current events, national issues."

Palin said some of President Barack Obama's decisions have been "misguided" and that he expects Americans to "sit down and shut up and accept" his policies.

Obama could win a second term, Palin predicted, if he "played the war card" and declared war on Iran or took other more aggressive military action. "People would perhaps shift their thinking a little bit and decide, well, maybe he's tougher than we think he is," she said.

"What Sarah Palin is saying on national security matters is specious, irresponsible and hypocritical," Brad Woodhouse, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement. "Sarah Palin admitted in 2008 that the extent of her national security experience was that she could see Russia from some island in the Bering Sea."

Palin is scheduled to campaign for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican facing a primary challenge from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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