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Pope Francis meets, kisses 'Pope baby'

Pope Francis kisses 'Pope Baby'

While hundreds of thousands of followers lined the streets of Philadelphia to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis during his visit to the United States, one little lady got his attention. 

A baby girl dressed in a pope costume stole the show at the papal parade near Independence Mall. 

As Pope Francis made his way down the street in the Popemobile, he laughed when he saw his tiny doppelganger in the crowd. Within moments, she was handed off to a security guard, and received a kiss and blessing from the pontiff. 

And pope baby was born. 

The baby's parents, Daniel and Dana Madden, posted photos and video of their daughter's encounter with the pope, which has gone viral. 

"Can't believe Quinn met the Pope. Truly an amazing experience! We love You Pope Francis!" proud mom Dana wrote on her Facebook page. 

See the video here:

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