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Best, most unique high school promposals

Will you go to prom with me? For high school seniors, popping this question can seem almost as important as asking someone to marry you and lately, teens have been pulling out all the stops to land a date to their proms. There's more than 65,000 videos on YouTube of these "promposals," as they're called, and teens are spending on average $324 to pull off these prom invites, according to a new survey by Visa. Some even rival or eclipse marriage proposals. And a few even enlist the help of celebrities. Here's a sampling of the most elaborate, creative and sweet ones executed by high schoolers around the country this prom season.

Channeling the 'Old Spice' guy

A Colorado teen did his best impression of
Photo Credit: YouTube

A Colorado teen did his best impression of the "Old Spice guy," Isaiah Mustafa, the hunk featured in the deodorant maker's popular ad campaigns, to ask his date to prom. Felipe Prado, a student at Legend High School, set up a trail of Old Spice products that led his would-be-date, Kara Wachsmann, to him, Channel 7 News in Denver reporter. When she followed it, she found a shirtless Prado perched atop a horse with a sign that read: "Although I'm not the Old Spice guy, going to prom would be fly." Of course, the promposal went viral, and Old Spice was so impressed, that they posted a reactionary video on Twitter in which Mustafa informed Prado that the company would be paying for his prom limo. | Watch a video report about it here

Gay, straight pals going as dates

Gay? Straight? These labels didn't matter two juniors
Photo Credit: YouTube

Gay? Straight? These labels didn't matter two juniors at Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas. When Jacob Lescenski, who is straight, found out that his good friend Anthony Martinez, who is gay, didn't have a date for the prom, he surprised him at school with this banner. The promposal quickly went viral and earned the boys invitations to "The Ellen Show," where they shared their story and each received a $10,000 check. | Watch the video

Call the cops

Some teens have even been calling on the
Photo Credit: YouTube

Some teens have even been calling on the police to help them snag a prom date. Trevor Masterson was one of them. The teen posted this video to his YouTube channel, which shows him and his girlfriend getting pulled over by a police officer. After the cop makes Masterson step out of the vehicle, he asks his girlfriend to go into the glove compartment to grab his license and registration. In there, she finds a note asking her to prom. "Ya'all scared me!" she exclaims, but then, accepts his invite. | Watch the video

After Selena's heart

An Alabama teen created this quirky music video
Photo Credit: YouTube

An Alabama teen created this quirky music video promposal in hopes of snagging a famous date. Enterprise High School senior Cole LaBrant uploaded this video to YouTube of him lip syncing to a medley of songs by pop star Selena Gomez while also pleading with Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend to go to prom with him. The 18-year-old told a locals news station, WDAM, that he created the video over a span of 10 days with his "cracked iPhone 5." He also said that he's been told Gomez has seen it, but he hasn't gotten a response from her yet. | Watch the video

Bringing back the Backstreet Boys

Fans of '90s boy bands will melt for
Photo Credit: YouTube

Fans of '90s boy bands will melt for this promposal. High school students McKenzie and Kyle channeled their inner Backstreet Boys to ask out Cheyenne and Emily. While the girls sat in math class, a teacher, who was obviously in on the plan, played what she described as a review video. But after a minute of "boring math stuff," the video switched to static, and then, a music video started. It showcased the two boys, dressed in all white and khaki, lip-synching to "I Want It That Way" while frolicking through a park and making typical boy-band gestures. Halfway through the song, McKenzie and Kyle "stepped out" of the video and into the classroom, sporting the same duds, and treated the girls to a live performance. | Watch the video

"Fifth Harmony" sets the tone

The pop music group Fifth Harmony helped one
Photo Credit: YouTube

The pop music group Fifth Harmony helped one fan, Tristine Nguyen, ask her friend, Jade, to prom this spring. The singers told Tristine they would create a special video package for her to play for Jade, but instead surprised both girls when they showed up in person, MTV reported. The group performed a version of their song "Worth It" to tell Jade why she should go to prom with Tristine. (Jade said "yes," of course.) | Watch the video

Teaming up with NFL players

This was one touchdown of a promposal with
Photo Credit: Facebook

This was one touchdown of a promposal with the help of the New York Jets. Sarah Kardonsky of Division Avenue High School in Levittown, asked her friend, Michael Pagano, to prom with a video proposal played during the school's morning announcements that featured some special guests. Several Jets players, including cornerback Antonio Cromartie and running back Bilal Powell, are in the 30-second video individually asking Pagano, who has autism, if he'll go to prom with Kardonsky. | Watch the video here

'Take my hand'

When Luis Velasquez, a football player at one
Photo Credit: YouTube

When Luis Velasquez, a football player at one Texas high school, wanted to ask Tiffany, a special needs student who has had a crush on him, to the prom, he got many of his schoolmates and teachers to assemble outside the school while a sound system played her favorite song. But the spectacle was bit overwhelming for Tiffany, who started crying and buried her head into one of the adults when instructed to walk through the crowd to where her suitor was standing in front of posters that spelled out "Prom?" But in a very tender moment, the young man walked to her and asked, "Please take my hand, I have something to show you." She did and allowed him to escort her to the spot where the signage was set up. When he asked, "Will you be my date to the prom?" she nodded, and then, pumping his hand in the air in celebration, he announced to the crowd, "She said 'yes!' " | Watch the video here

Strike up the band

This promposal had practically a full orchestra. To
Photo Credit: YouTube

This promposal had practically a full orchestra. To ask "the girl of his dreams," Karli, to senior prom, this high school student spent five months arranging a medley that "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," "Time of My Life," and "You're The One That I Want," and surprised his would-be prom date during a band rehearsal. The promposal starts with Karli's teacher asking her to play a "concert A," which happens to be the opening note for the first song in the medley. That prompts her suitor to start singing the first lyrics, "You're just to good to be true..." evoking images of Heath Ledger's performance in the hit film "10 Things I Hate About You." He continues his serenade as he enters the room. By the second verse, the band joins in, and when he reaches the chorus, he's surrounded by a group of back-up dancers. Bravo! | Watch the performance here

A prom pep rally

When Autumn Pollard, an Arkansas teen born with
Photo Credit: YouTube

When Autumn Pollard, an Arkansas teen born with a genetic growth disorder, was invited onto center court at her school's pep rally to dance with the mascot, she didn't know the surprise that her friend had in store for her. While the Corning High School junior showed off her moves, the crowd started chanting "Autumn," and when she turned around, sophomore Cope Robinson was standing behind signage that read "Prom?" and holding purple flowers, her favorite color, the local ABC affiliate reported. As he walked toward the diminutive Pollard, who is only 4 feet tall and 57 pounds due her condition, she burst into tears while accepting his promposal. | Watch the video


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