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Good Afternoon

Best, most unique high school promposals

Fans of '90s boy bands will melt for

Fans of '90s boy bands will melt for this promposal. High school students McKenzie and Kyle channeled their inner Backstreet Boys to ask out Cheyenne and Emily. While the girls sat in math class, a teacher, who was obviously in on the plan, played what she described as a review video. But after a minute of "boring math stuff," the video switched to static, and then, a music video started. It showcased the two boys, dressed in all white and khaki, lip-synching to "I Want It That Way" while frolicking through a park and making typical boy-band gestures. Halfway through the song, McKenzie and Kyle "stepped out" of the video and into the classroom, sporting the same duds, and treated the girls to a live performance. | Watch the video Credit: YouTube

Will you go to prom with me?

For high school seniors, popping this question can seem almost as important as asking someone to marry you and lately, teens have been pulling out all the stops to land a date to their proms.

There are more than 65,000 videos on YouTube of these "promposals," as they're called, and teens are spending on average $324 to pull off these prom invites, according to a new survey by Visa.

Some even rival or eclipse marriage proposals. And a few even enlist the help of celebrities. Click on the link above for a sampling of the most elaborate, creative and sweet ones executed by high schoolers around the country this prom season.

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