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Report shows prosecution flaws in Jordan murder case

LILLINGTON, N.C. - A man convicted of killing Michael Jordan's father said Friday that he will one day walk free from prison, contending a new report on mistakes at North Carolina's crime lab shows the evidence against him is falling apart.

Daniel Andre Green, 35, told The Associated Press the finding that investigators mishandled lab reports in his case indicates exculpatory evidence was improperly withheld from him. He said he's been working largely by himself for years to prove he's innocent of killing James Jordan in 1993, though he admits he helped dispose of the body.

"I've always known that I'm walking out of prison," Green said while sitting at a concrete picnic table in the yard of Harnett Correctional Institution. "I've known that because . . . ultimately, the truth has to come out."

Green is trying get his case back in court, having filed a 122-page motion on his own in 2008 that raised questions about how his case was handled. He has studied law books for years.

The latest development in Green's case hinges on blood evidence. A State Bureau of Investigation expert testified at his 1996 trial that she found a small amount of blood in the passenger seat of Jordan's car. But according to the review released on Wednesday, the SBI found only "indications" blood was present in an initial test, and four follow-up tests were inconclusive. The report also found flaws in nearly 200 other cases.

Green's current attorney was working on an appeal when the report came out, and one of his trial attorneys said he doesn't think the follow-up blood tests were disclosed to the defense.

Green insists he had nothing to do with Jordan's murder. Declining to discuss too many details on the advice of lawyers, he said that he was not present when Jordan was killed and that he helped cover up the crime because a close friend asked him for help. That friend, Larry Demery, testified at trial that Green fired the shot that killed Jordan.

Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, declined to comment through an assistant.

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