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Robert Hughes, father of 6-year-old, posts video of son driving a motorcycle

A viral YouTube video posted on April 13,

A viral YouTube video posted on April 13, 2014 shows 6-year-old Ryan Hughes steering a motorcycle with his dad behind him. Photo Credit: YouTube

A father and son shared a bonding moment last week when the dad gave his son “keys” to the Harley. However, there is a catch – the boy is only 6 years old.

Robert Hughes let his son, Ryan, take control of the Harley-Davidson T-Sport they were riding together, jokingly calling him “Dad’s DD.”

The drive was displayed for the world to see when Hughes posted a video on his YouTube channel.

The one-minute video shows Hughes driving a motorcycle with Ryan in the front seat.

Within 15 seconds, Hughes took his hands off the motorcycle and pointed to the handlebars, showing his son where to position his hands. Ryan took control of the vehicle, continuing to steer for the remainder of the video. 

The video, which was posted to YouTube on April 13, was viewed nearly 200,000 times and received more than 400 comments.

While some viewers praised the “cool dad” for allowing his son to drive, others criticized him, voicing safety concerns. 

“Terrifying. But, I remember riding on my dad's tank when I was 5 or 6, and it was always a blast,” one YouTube user commented. “Never took the bars, though.”

“I'm all for kids learning to ride, but safety would be paramount for my child first! Leathers and a helmet that actually fits! This kid would be mince meat if he fell off,” another YouTube user commented.

Despite the comments, both positive and negative, Hughes defends his decision.

“First off he's ripping on a T-SPORT,” Hughes commented on the video. “This is my idea of raising my son right! Thanks for the views and comments!?”

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