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Sam the Dog search is on in England after toy dog was launched into space

Sam the toy dog, attached to a helium

Sam the toy dog, attached to a helium balloon and a GoPro camera, flies high in the sky after his launch from a hotel in Morecambe, England, on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Photo Credit: AP

Sam, phone home.

Students at a primary school in England have launched a search effort to recover a special member of its community: a space-traveling plush toy dog. The stuffed animal named Sam the Dog was launched into the stratosphere on April 5 as part of an educational project through the Morecambe Bay Community Primary School in Lancashire, England, but he's since gone missing, according to a story by The Independent.

Sam was fitted with different measuring tools, a GoPro camera and a GPS to track his journey, the story said. With help from Midland Hotel and, the school launched a helium-filled balloon from the hotel with Sam inside, the BBC reported.

The toy dog rose at a rate of about 20 feet per second and floated to a peak altitude of about 15.5 miles above the Earth, The Independent reported. During the descent, however, the balloon popped and the spacecraft plummeted to Earth, landing in a field near Burnley more than 30 miles away from the launchpad. The GPS and camera were recovered, but Sam was nowhere to be found.

The school has started a campaign to find Sam, who could be within a 40- to 50-mile radius of the landing site, according to reports. Twitter users are asked to help out by using the #FindSam hashtag.

So be on the lookout for this astronaut pup.

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