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Supreme Court's other actions Monday

In other action Monday, the Supreme Court:

Wadedinto a constitutional clash between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans that could limit a president's use of recess appointments to fill high-level administration posts. The justices will review a federal appeals court ruling that found Obama overstepped his authority when he bypassed the Senate last year to fill three vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board.

Decidedto make it harder for Americans to sue businesses for retaliation and discrimination. The court's conservatives, in two 5-4 decisions, ruled that a person must be able to hire and fire someone to be considered a supervisor in discrimination lawsuits, making it harder to blame a business for a co-worker's racism or sexism. The court then decided that victims must prove employers would not have taken action against them but for their intention to retaliate.

Said generic drug manufacturers can't be sued in state court for a drug's design defects if federal officials approved the brand-name version the generic drug copied. The justices voted 5-4 to agree with generic manufacturer Mutual Pharmaceutical Co, Inc., which wanted a $21 million judgment against it dismissed. A New Hampshire jury gave that to Karen L. Bartlett after she took sulindac, the generic form of the drug Clinoril, in 2004. It caused her outer skin layer to deteriorate and burn off.

Will reconsider the constitutionality of a 2007 Massachusetts law that bars protests in 35-foot "buffer zones" around abortion clinic entrances, exits and driveways. The justices agreed to hear an appeal from abortion opponents, who wanted the law thrown out.

Will hearan appeal in a complicated immigration dispute about the status of children who have become adults during their parents' yearslong wait to become legal permanent residents of the United States. The Obama administration argues that those children in most cases should go to the back of the line in their own wait for visas to live in this country.

-- AP


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