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Ted Cruz: Donald Trump ‘throwing a fit’ over delegate system

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz and his

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz, on the set of the "Good Morning America" town hall, Monday morning, April 18, 2016. Credit: ABC / Ida Mae Astute

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz dismissed primary opponent Donald Trump’s complaints about the delegate system and declined to walk back his attack on Trump for having “New York values” at a “Good Morning America” town hall in Manhattan on Monday morning.

A day before New York’s primary election, Cruz was asked to respond to Trump calling the GOP delegate system “rigged” and “crooked.”

“Donald is not a complicated man to understand. He doesn’t handle losing well,” Cruz said. He added Trump “is throwing a fit” because Cruz won the majority of delegates in the five most recent states that have selected over the past few weeks.

Cruz at the town hall also wouldn’t walk back disparaging Trump for his “New York values.” Asked by a Staten Island undecided voter if Cruz wanted to rephrase his statement after spending the past few days in New York, Cruz said that wasn’t his term.

“The phrase ‘New York values’ actually doesn’t come from me. It comes from Donald Trump . . . that wasn’t my phrasing, that was Donald Trump’s phrasing,” he said.

The January ads that Cruz and his super PAC used to attack Trump focused on 1999 television interviews he gave. Trump in the ads never used the words “New York values.” Instead, he said in the interview on abortion, “Hey I lived in New York City and Manhattan all my life, OK, so my views are a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa.” Trump in the 1999 interviews was defending his pro-abortion rights stance. He is now against most abortions.

Cruz said there was likely to be a contested convention. “It’ll be a battle in Cleveland to see who can get to the majority,” he said.

He also said he had “zero interest” in being Trump’s vice presidential nominee.

On the lighter side, asked by a woman identified as Grace from Suffolk County what kind of dog they’d have in the White House, Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, said a cocker spaniel.

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